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Design Process


  • Engineering design process: analysis of activities, outputs and influences

  • Manufactured product: analysis of final design strengths and weaknesses

  • Design context: analysis of project characteristics and resources within the company situation

  • Effect of influences: identifying and assessing the effects of influencing factors on project

  • Technology transfer and patents: assessment of design knowledge, application and ethical issues

  • Historical design research: review and analysis of past project records and data

  • Participant observation research: real time analysis of current projects in industry

  • Case study development: preparation of case histories for teaching and professional presentations

  • Engineering design education: undergraduate curricula and teaching

  • Engineering design research: postgraduate courses and projects

  • Short courses and seminars: improving quality and productivity in the engineering design process  

  • Managing the engineering design process: from preliminary ideas to product in service

  • Design context: matching of project requirements and resources within existing situation

  • Identifying key influences: maximizing benefits and minimizing negative effects of factors

  • Geographically dispersed teams: systematic web-based design management approach

  • Effective design time management: phase diagrams, cost estimating and project reviews

  • Checklists and work sheets: systematic approach to managing engineering design

  • Final product: checklist for overall assessment of final design before manufacture