large loss investigation


Ford Powerhouse Explosion

 Dr. Crispin Hales was a principal engineer investigating the Ford power plant explosion. The explosion occurred on Monday, February 1, 1999, destroying the aging power plant at Ford Motor Company's famous Rouge facility in Dearborn, Michigan. Six employees were killed and over thirty injured. The explosion and consequential fire was one of the most expensive industrial accidents in U.S. history resulting in $US 1 billion in property damage. It was also the largest human-caused insurance loss of the year. 

new product development



 Dr. Shayne Gooch produced a new concept for the Cellablock™ microscope slide preparation system. Cellablock is a novel product which deposits ten blood samples onto a single microscope slide. The system, used in conjunction with a centrifuge, provides a repeatable method for creating monolayer cellular substrates. Cellablock improves slide preparation efficiency and reduces cost of consumables.